1 Day & Weekend Medical Work Experience in London.

If you can’t join us for our 1-week or 2-week work experience course, then our weekend and 1-day work experience courses are perfect for you. 

Our work experience courses in London are designed to help students aged 14+ decide if a medical career is the right choice for them. Our courses provide meaningful work experience for use on personal statements and in medical school interviews.

Here’s a summary of who our courses are for and what applicants can expect to gain from taking part:

  • All our one-day and weekend courses take place in London
  • Designed for students in years 10-13
  • Get a real understanding of what a successful med school applicant looks like
  • Introduction to a career in medicine
  • Gain some much sought-after work experience to use in applications.

Weekend Hospital Work Experience - London

Weekend Hospital Work Experience – London.

  • February 16th – 18th 2024 – London
  • Arrive Friday Evening, depart Sunday
  • Accommodation provided
  • Meals provided
  • Fully supervised


Our weekend work experience courses are an amazing chance to meet students interested in medical careers and experience two full days of work experience to help you decide if a career in medicine is for you. You will also receive some great material for your med school applications.



Rooms are new, modern and shared between 2 people.


The Itinerary:

Friday 16th February 2024:

  • Travel to West London, where you will be staying with us
  • Arrive anytime between 3 pm and 10 pm 
  • We’ll get you checked in; then, we’ll all enjoy dinner together.

Saturday 17th February 2024

  • The group all travel into Central London for our first day at the hospital
  • We learn how doctors deal with clinical emergencies, interpret X-rays and the importance of taking a good clinical history through an interactive, hands-on day in the hospital.

Sunday 18th February 2024

  • We’ll travel back to the hospital together for our second day
  • The doctors will teach practical surgical skills such as suturing and phlebotomy
  • We wrap up the day with a session on medical ethics, which is very important for your med school applications and interviews.
  • We’ll complete the course at 5 pm on Sunday when you’re free to leave for home.


A certificate of hospital work experience is provided at the end of the course for all students.

Inside the Dissection Room - London

A fascinating opportunity for all students interested in medical careers- the chance to spend the day in the dissection room at King’s College London. 


The Course Contents:

  • During the morning, you will receive a tutorial on brain anatomy from one of the world’s leading authorities on neuroanatomy. Using medically donated brain specimens, you will gain a deeper understanding of the human brain and how we can begin to comprehend it.
  • The course consists of a series of short introductory lectures covering the anatomy and functions of the human brain. Learn which brain structures are important for understanding common neurological disorders such as stroke, dementia, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. 
  • The lectures will be paired with a series of ‘hands-on’ practical sessions in the KCL dissection room. These will provide an exciting and unique opportunity to examine preserved human brain specimens and cadavers.
  • You will be supported by a team of experienced anatomy demonstrators consisting of practising NHS consultants and clinical medical students.


What Will You Get Out Of This Work Experience?

‘Inside The Dissection Room’ is a course of truly unique work experience for anyone aged 14+ wanting to start a medical career.

  • Become confident in identifying human brain structures
  • Understand the functions of different parts of the brain
  • Learn to recognise anatomical features on MRI scans
  • Become familiar with common neurological disorders
  • Get hands-on with preserved human brain specimens
  • Gain practical experience in anatomical dissection
  • Learn from practising NHS consultants and medical students


Receive a Head Start to Your Medical Career

The course will provide a clear, accessible and engaging introduction to human brain anatomy. Get a head start in one of the most challenging areas of medicine. The hands-on anatomy practical work will provide invaluable work experience that will help to make you stand out in your medical school application and interviews.


Students will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course, which you can add to your work experience portfolio.

Inside the Dissection Room – London.

  • December 16th 2023 – London
  • July 17th 2024 – London
  • July 31st 2024 – London
  • 10.00am – 4.00pm


A&E and GP Surgery Work Experience - London

A&E and GP Surgery Work Experience – London.

  • July 18th 2024 – London
  • August 15th 2024 – London
  • 10am – 5pm


An amazing opportunity for those aged 14+ looking to gain relevant work experience for a career in A&E or GP surgeries. 

One-day medical course taking place at Kings College Hospital London.


The Course Contents:

  • You’ll be faced with emergency scenarios in the A&E department, utilising a SIM mannequin.
  • Actors will be playing the part of other members of the A&E department who will guide you in managing these patients – or, they may be there to distract you, as often occurs in reality.
  • Your afternoon is a General Practice simulation to better your understanding of primary care. You will have the opportunity to observe simulated consultations as well as get involved in taking histories from patient actors. You will be assessed on your communication skills with the patients.


What Will You Get Out Of This Work Experience?

This one-day medical course at Kings College Hospital London offers a unique opportunity for individuals aged 14+ who aspire to pursue a career in A&E or GP surgeries. By participating in this work experience, you will gain invaluable insights and practical experience in the medical field.

  • Guidance from A&E professionals
  • Improve your understanding of primary care
  • Gain practical insights into the world of A&E and GP surgeries
  • Set off on a path to a successful medical career
  • Enrich your medical school application
  • Become equipped with the foundation needed to excel in these specialised fields.


Upon completion of the program, you will receive a certificate, which is a valuable addition to your work experience portfolio.

Ward Round and Radiology
Work Experience - London

This course is ideal for anybody aged 14+ looking for work experience to help kickstart their radiology or hospital ward career.

A full one-day course taking place at Kings College Hospital London.

The Course Contents:

  • In the morning, you’ll take part in a realistic ward round scenario with doctors, patient actors, and nursing staff as part of the multidisciplinary team. 
  • You will shadow doctors to conduct a ward round in a medical department. 
  • Learn the importance of ward rounds and obtain a realistic understanding of how they are conducted, as well as how multidisciplinary staff are involved in the ward rounds. 
  • You will also have the opportunity to get involved in assessing and managing the patients.
  • For the afternoon, we’ll concentrate on Radiology Immersion. You’ll learn about the most common diagnostic modalities and explore the life of a radiologist with scan interpretation. 
  • By the end of the session, you’ll be able to diagnose conditions on a chest x-ray and abdominal x-ray, as well as have a basic understanding of more complex imaging such as CT scans.


What Will You Get Out Of This Work Experience?

This one-day course at Kings College Hospital London is the perfect opportunity for individuals aged 14+ who are eager to jumpstart their career in hospital, particularly in radiology. By participating in this program, you will gain invaluable insights and practical experience to aid your medical school application.

  • Realistic ward round experience
  • Radiology immersion
  • A thorough introduction to the field of radiology
  • Take your first steps towards a rewarding career
  • Knowledge and skills to enhance your medical school applications
  • A solid foundation to excel in the field of radiology


Upon successful completion of the program, you will be awarded a certificate of work experience, which can serve as a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

Ward Round and Radiology Work Experience – London

  • July 19th 2024 – London
  • August 16th 2024 – London
  • 10am – 5pm


Dentistry Work Experience - London

Dentistry Day – London

  • July 20th 2024 – London
  • 11am – 4pm


If you want to start a career in dentistry but are unsure how to gain the relevant experience to aid your med school application, this course is for you.

A full one-day course that takes place at place at Whittington Hospital London.


The Course Contents:

  • You will learn how to perform a dental examination, perform tooth carving and radiography interpretation. 
  • You will also receive an overview of the whole process of applying to dental school.
  • Experience a full day led by current dental students and practising dentists.


What Will You Get Out Of This Work Experience?

Our comprehensive one-day course, hosted at Whittington Hospital in London, offers you a unique opportunity to delve into the world of dentistry. Through this program, you’ll gain invaluable insights and practical skills that can be instrumental in your journey towards dental school.

  • Master dental examination
  • Develop the skills to conduct a dental examination
  • Learn fundamental aspects of dentistry practice
  • Tooth carving proficiency
  • Radiography interpretation
  • Comprehensive overview of the dental school application process
  • Feel well-prepared for your future studies.
  • Guidance from experts


All students receive a certificate of work experience at the end of this course. This certificate is a valuable addition to your portfolio, showcasing your dedication and commitment to pursuing a career in dentistry.

Medical School Application Day - London

It’s notoriously difficult to gain a plan in medical school. This is why we offer this course which provides all the information needed to complete a successful med school application.

A one-day course that takes place at Imperial College in London.

The Course Contents:

  • The morning session covers all aspects of the personal statement and how to prepare for medical school
  • The afternoon session teaches you how to be successful in the interview


What Will You Get Out Of This Work Experience?

This medical experience course is led by UK doctors and medical students and is a classroom-based day. It includes the following topics:

  • How to choose a medical school
  • What medical schools are looking for in candidates
  • How to make the best preparation for your medical school application
  • How to write a personal statement that stands out from the crowd
  • Types of medicine interviews and typical questions
  • Recommended background knowledge, including a session on the principles of medical ethics (a common topic in interviews)
  • Approaches to answering difficult or unexpected questions
  • What the interviewers are really looking for

Demonstrations of good and bad interview techniques through role-play.

Med School Application Day – London

  • July 15th 2024 – London
  • August 5th 2024 – London
  • 10am – 5pm


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