Healthcare degrees, in particular medical degrees have a reputation for being the privilege of the wealthy. A Premed Project will give you some unparalleled experience designed to help you in your future career, but we understand the cost this comes at may not enable everyone to take part.

Accommodation, highest safety standards, staffing and payments our partner hospitals means Premed Projects come at a cost, but we are here to help. We don't run our projects to make massive profits, we run them to help future healthcare students and because we love travel. Each Premed Project has 30 students in attendance and 27 are paid for projects with 3 in each group being set aside for widening participation to healthcare degrees. This currently means we're subsidising 66 places per year for students who would otherwise not be able to take part.  Unfortunately we are unable to offer totally free projects but we hope that offering subsidised projects can help students undertake some incredible work experience with us who deserve to attend.

We have awards ranging from £200 to £750 off the cost of attending a work experience project with us.

If you are from a lower income background ( £22,000 household income or less ) and have no immediate family history of higher education together with a passion for a career in healthcare then we would welcome you to apply for funding. After all you're the future of healthcare. All you need to do is follow the instructions below and we'll be in touch soon.

  • Inform your teacher about Premed Projects - someone that knows you well and is ideally your careers advisor, head of year or main person in your school / university who prepares students for healthcare careers. Tell them what we do and why it will benefit your career. Ask them to read through our website and send them to this page.
  • On the contact form below we'll ask them to fill in as much detail as possible about you as a student and why you would qualify for a place.
  • Once completed we will contact your teacher, verify the details and our head office team then meet 4 times per year to look through each and every application assisted by UK doctors. We then make a decision on successful applicants and offer them significantly reduced cost projects.  
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