Students look for hospital work experience for many reasons. If you're thinking of a future career in healthcare, be that in medicine, nursing, midwifery or dentistry then Premed Projects will give you an experience to cherish and one which will benefit you in many ways.


Places to study degrees in healthcare are highly in demand. Sometimes it's not enough to have the best grades in order to succeed. Many of our students use our hospital shadowing projects as the perfect material to use in their personal statements and applications for medicine, nursing, midwifery and dentistry. Demonstrating that you are so passionate about a career in healthcare that you chose to volunteer your free time working in a hospital and learning about healthcare is the best way to show any university how serious you are about the profession. 

Hospital Work Experience for future medics, nurses, midwives and dentists.


There can be no harder profession than being a healthcare professional. The hours, shift patterns, stress, emotional strain, constant learning and improvement... the list goes on. Undertaking hospital work experience with Premed Projects means you get a taste of life as a healthcare professional. You'll see moments of unrivalled joy as you observe childbirth in India, extreme sadness as you see a family worry for the health of their loved one in Thailand and hear first hand from UK doctors about life as a doctor, nurse or midwife. The beauty about work experience with Premed Projects is it lets you decide if you're cut out for the profession. For most of our students the answer is a resounding yes, for a very small minority it helps them realise they perhaps aren't quite ready to go through years of study and spend tens of thousands of pounds just yet. Either way a doctor shadowing experience with Premed Projects is invaluable.

 Volunteer your time outside your hospital project


Learn what your strengths are and find out where you can improve. Being away from home and mixing with students from other cultures and the time spent in the hospitals and medical schools will mean you'll find out a lot about yourself on an amazing Premed Projects adventure. 


University and in particular, medical school interviews, are your final hurdle before securing that dream place to study towards a degree in healthcare. Medical school interviews, and indeed all interviews relating to healthcare, are all about demonstrating just how much you want to enter the profession and how determined you are to succeed. At this stage it's largely no longer about your grades or academic achievements but more about your motivations for studying medicine and demonstrating this with your experiences of being in a clinical environment. Medical school interview panels want to be sure that if they offer you a place to study at their university that you will first and foremost make a good doctor and secondly that you will be tough enough to complete your degree. You represent a lot of investment for them and healthcare degrees are long, tough courses to study. Demonstrating that you will be a success because you've seen clinical environments is vital. Make sure you can stand in front of the panel and say "I'm confident I will make a good doctor because I've spent time shadowing in a hospital, I've seen what that entails and I'm ready for it." 

Premed Work Experience


Deciding to pursue a career in medicine, nursing, midwifery or dentistry is quite often a solitary pursuit. It's not often many of your close friends are doing the same thing. Doing work experience with Premed Projects means you get to experience it with students your own age and often from all over the world. You can compare notes on the UKCAT, discuss each-others experiences with your applications and help each-other though the process. As Premed Projects get students from all over the globe, it's fascinating to learn from many diverse students about their experiences. As you'll all be working, living and going on excursions together, you'll meet friends that you'll share these amazing memories with forever.

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