+ What happens when I apply?

When you apply, we'll ask you for some personal information for our records and to arrange your project with our partners. We'll need a £290 registration fee payment to confirm your place. We'll then arrange a convenient day of the month with you for the monthly project fee to be debited automatically from your chosen bank account until the project is paid off. If for whatever reason we are unable to accept your booking we will notify you within 48 hours and arrange a full refund. Once we have accepted you booking it's time to start the preparations for your adventure through your very own Premed Portal webpage that we'll email over login details to.

+ When should I book & How many spaces are there?

You can book right up to the departure date so long as we have space on the project. To ensure you get a place we ask for a £290 registration fee to confirm the booking. The summer projects are extremely busy so you should try and book in advance if possible.

+ When can I go & for how long?

Premed Projects take place during school holidays, 1-week projects during October and February half term holidays and 1 or 2-week projects throughout the summer holidays. The choice is yours.

+ Are flights included?

Flights are not included in our projects as our students travel from all over the world to all our destinations. After you confirm your project with us, you will gain access to your Premed Portal webpage where you can read all about the arrival windows and start to plan your flights. We're more than happy to help you in booking your flights & recommend taking a look at flight comparison websites such as www.skyscanner.net to compare flights & prices, but please don't book any flights until you have booked your Premed Project, received all the project notes and we've given you a call to get to know you a little better and told you the exact arrival windows.

+ Which airport should I arrive into?

If you are attending a 1 or 2 week project and travelling from overseas or further afield in the UK, you should fly into Chiang Mai (CNX) for Thailand and London Heathrow (LHR) for the UK. Students on a Premed Project to the UK also have the option of arriving into London Kings Cross train station or direct at the accommodation. So long as you book your flights to arrive in our arrival window we'll take care of the rest.

For our weekend events, you can either arrive into London Kings Cross Railway station or direct at the accommodation. For our 1 day events please meet us directly at the venue and we'll send you all joining instructions.

+ Do I need a visa?

For all our destinations students may require a visa. Some of these will be straightforward such as a UK citizen travelling to Thailand who can obtain a visa on arrival but some passport holders will be required to obtain visas in advance. We'll give you all the help you need after you've booked a project with us but do keep in mind it's your responsibility to obtain the visa you need to travel and you must do so in reasonable time before you fly.

+ Do I need travel insurance?

All students need to obtain travel insurance regardless of which destination they choose. Not only will having good travel insurance protect you financially for missed flights or connections and delays, it also is necessary due to the work you will be doing in the hospitals. You'll never be placed in any danger during your work experience but most high street travel policies won't cover students for being in a hospital environment as it's not something people do everyday! It's therefore necessary to purchase a policy that does cover this & we'll be able to arrange all the details for you. We even have our own bespoke policy available for purchase too that's been specially created for us together with the clever folks over at Axa. That was a fun few days....

+ I have a medical condition can I still travel?

If you think you may have a medical condition that may impact upon your ability to travel with us then it's best to let us know about it at the time of booking. Most often it's something that shouldn't cause a problem but if you are concerned it's best to make an appointment with your GP to obtain a fit for travel note and then you're good to go.

+ Do I need vaccinations?

For all destinations, it's recommended that students consult with their GP or travel nurse to see if they require vaccinations before they go. As we don't have access to your medical records we're unable to advise which (if any) vaccinations you need.

+ I’m not from the UK can I take part?

Most certainly. We welcome students from all over the world on our projects. We get the majority from the UK but we also get just as many students from Australia, Hong Kong, China, USA and everywhere in-between. Hospital work experience is sought after the world over.

+ How old do I have to be to go on a Premed Projects placement?

For our 1 or 2 week courses, you must be 16 years old or over when you arrive in country to join one of our projects. Most of our students are aged between 16-18 years old and our projects are designed with this age group in mind. You can book a project if you are under 16 years old so long as on the date you travel you will be 16. We obtain parental consent for all students under the age of 18. We do get older students joining us too but you must stick to the rules that are designed to protect students under the age of 18.

For our weekend events students must be between 14-15 years old and for the UK 1 day events students should be 14+

+ I live in London, can I stay at home during the project?

We get many students from London on our projects but all students must live in our accommodation with the project group. It's how we can ensure everyone is where they need to be at the correct times each day and it's also a big part of the experience & really fun!


+ Where do I meet other students?

As planning on studying medicine and other healthcare careers tends to be something you do alone rather with friends, most of the students who travel with us don't know anybody before they travel. If you allow us, we'll put you in touch with other students on your trip before you go so you can get to know each-other a little better. Most students meet each-other for the first time when they arrive in their destination. We'll ask you to wear a Premed Projects t-shirt on your arrival so our staff can easily spot you and this also means it's very easy to meet your fellow students on the plane or train too. As everyone is the same age and with a shared interest in healthcare it's very easy to find common ground and make new friends.

+ Will you be at the airport when I arrive?

Of course! As part of our pre-departure services we will check and double check your arrival times. You'll let us know the carrier, flight number and arrival time of your flight and our staff and will be there ready to meet you. Don't worry if your flight is delayed, we keep an eye on all that info too and we'll still be there to meet you if you are delayed as it's not your fault. We'll also ask for 2 passport photos and a copy of your passport photo page so we'll know who we are looking out for. You will be wearing a rather fashionable Premed Projects t-shirt and you will too and we'll be holding a sign saying "Premed Projects". Finally you will have the mobile numbers of the Project leaders so if by some unfortunate circumstance you don't spot us straight away, we are only a phone call away and our head office is open 24/7 just incase. We will never leave the airport without you so just relax on your flight knowing we'll be there.

+ How do I travel in country?

We organise private transfers in our India and Thailand destinations so you won't be taking public transportation anywhere as it's far more safe and comfortable to travel this way. On our UK project you'll take a combination of private coaches, the tube, and good old walking. All airport arrivals and departures are transferred by private vehicle in all destinations.

+ Is it safe?

Before we set up any of our Premed Projects we make several site visits to determine the safety of the country and the region we are basing students in. We must be 100% satisfied that the countries we work in are safe. If we're not then we don't go. We are in constant contact with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office regarding stability and safety and, of course, we have the added security of our comprehensive in country staff teams and partners too.

+ What if I get ill?

Our staff both in country and in our UK Head office know where the best local medical facilities are should you feel ill and require any treatment. Should the very unlikely happen and you require hospital care our staff will liaise with you, your family, your insurance provider and the hospitals to make sure you get the very best care. Obviously we retain very good working relationships with doctors and hospitals in setting up your projects so there will always be someone close-by that can offer you the very best care.

+ Is there anything else I should budget for?

All Premed Projects include your accommodation, tuition, breakfast and evening meals during the week. You'll only need to budget for snacks, lunch, souvenirs and weekend activities and weekend meals. In Thailand the weekend activities and internal flights within Thailand are also included in the project price. Keep in mind that there may be some visa costs too depending on which project you choose and your nationality, and also budget for flights and travel insurance.

+ Can you cater to my dietary requirements?

Our team are used to dealing with many different dietary requirements so we are able to cater to most dietary requests. There's a space on the booking form to tell us of any special dietary requirements you may have so we can make our staff team aware of them prior to your arrival. You are also welcome to bring your own food too such as gluten free products and we'll always give you an option at mealtimes to cater to your dietary needs.

+ Can I get a reference?

Upon your return from your Premed Project we are happy to provide a full written reference for you detailing your time spent with us for you to make use of in your applications and interviews. Most med schools and universities have slightly different arrangements when it comes to the references they require and we're happy to verify at their request, any of the hospitals you have spent time at and the total number of hours work experience you gained.