For the school year 2023/2024 starting September 2023.

A comprehensive year long course for all students at your school considering careers in medicine starting in September 2023.

The ultimate med school prep course is designed for your school to give your future medics the best possible chance of success at securing a place at medical school.

The school purchase the package and then logins can be distributed to all of your students in years 11-13. There’s no limit on the number of students from your school that can take part and every one of your students will benefit from over 50 hours worth of med school tutoring over the year.


September 16th 2023 – University & Subject Choices for Med School

September 23rd 2023 – Personal Statement Masterclass

October 2nd 2023 – Radiology Work Experience Day

October 9th 2023 –  Patient History Taking Work Experience Day

October 16th 2023 –  A&E Work Experience Day

October 23rd 2023 –  Dermatology Work Experience Day

November 4th 2023 – Med school Interview Masterclass 1 

November 25th 2023- Med school Interview Masterclass 2

December 2nd 2023- Med school Interview Practice Day

January 20th 2024 – UCAT Masterclass

February 10th 2024 – BMAT Masterclass

March 16th 2024 – UCAT & BMAT Practice Test Day

April 1st 2024 –  General Medicine Work Experience Day

April 8th 2024 –  Pathology Work Experience Day

April 15th 2024 –  Rheumatology Work Experience Day

April 22nd 2024 –  Public Health Work Experience Day

April 29th 2024 –  Respiratory Medicine Work Experience Day

May 6th 2024 – Ask us Anything and Round Up

What is the cost to the school?

For year long access, the cost is £2,780+VAT. This price is for as many logins as you require for all of your students in years 11-13 who may be thinking about careers in medicine or are already going through the application process. Usually we invoice the school but just let us know if you have another preferred method for payment.

How can my school join?

Let us know that your school would like to join and we can arrange the school to be invoiced. We’ll then need a contact name and email address for us to send the joining info to so you can distribute it to your students interested in medicine.

Will students get a certificate?

Yes, for every student completing the work experience sessions, a certificate will be emailed confirming their attendance that they can use in their med school applications.

Do my students need to attend all sessions?

No, students can pick and choose what sessions they attend. The whole course will be very relevant to students in years 11 and 12 but for example, a year 13 student may have already completed their UCAT so no need for them to attend that session unless they wanted to of course!

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    Do my students need to attend live?

    No, all of the live sessions take place either on a Saturday or on evenings and all of them are recorded. If your students can’t attend live that’s no problem, they can use their password to access any of the recordings at any point up to June 2024.