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If you are a student interested in a career in medicine then medical work experience can help you decide what areas of medicine you prefer, help your personal statement for medicine shine and provide you with some in depth experience to wow at a medical school interview.

All medical schools will expect you to have some experience of healthcare. This experience is often very hard to come by but through our hospital and university partnerships we are able to offer this unique experience to our students.

Premed Projects are ideal for students aged 16+ who have an interest in medicine and are looking to gain work experience by working in a real life hospital environment. There's no better way to find out if a career in medicine is for you, stand out on your UCAS personal statement for medicine and shine at medical school interviews than by joining one of our healthcare courses to find all about your future career.

Medicine is one of the most, if not the most competitive degree course to secure a place on. This is true all over the world and doctors are held, quite rightly so, in very high esteem in society. If you have your heart set on a medical career then work experience will provide you with so many things to help you not only secure that place at university by demonstrating your commitment to medicine but to confirm 100% to yourself that it’s the right career to embark upon. When it comes to applying to medical degrees having the right hospital experience under your belt can be the difference between getting that much sought after place or not and we're here to help.


Premed Projects offers work experience for students aged 16+ to offer valuable skills and material for university applications and interviews. Take a look behind the scenes on our popular Thailand medical work experience project.

Premed Projects sole aim is to provide students interested in healthcare careers aged 16+ with some medicine work experience that isn’t available anywhere else. You’ll live with students from all over the world interested in medicine and whichever Premed Project destination that you choose we'll make sure you gain some in depth experience of healthcare.

We have 3 countries for students to choose from where we'll introduce you to the world of medicine through time spent in hospitals , lectures and an insight into the day-to-day life of doctors. A truly unique opportunity for all aspiring medical students.


Premed Projects UK medicine work experiences take place in London during October and February half term holidays and all summer long. Our partner hospitals here are renowned for offering some of the best healthcare in the world. Work experience in the UK is notoriously difficult to obtain but through the hospital partnerships we have, we are able to offer you exclusive access to London’s premier healthcare facilities and medical schools and you won't find that opportunity anywhere else.

Wether you're an international applicant to UK med schools or a UK based student already, hospital work experience in London is invaluable.

You'll learn all about healthcare in the UK and medical careers through lectures from UK doctors, visits to state of the art hospitals, interactive workshops at leading London medical schools, clinical skill sessions and volunteering opportunities too. In other words everything you need for a successful med school application.

By the end of your Premed Project we will arm you with enough work experience to really make you stand head and shoulders above the competition.


Our partner hospital in India is a real gem. Located in stunning Palampur in the north of the country, it’s a 320-bed government funded hospital that welcomes our students with open arms.

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India has a wonderful reputation for training doctors and you’ll see why first-hand during your project. Highly skilled surgeons will leave you in awe at their accuracy and dexterity and you’ll also find some of the friendliest doctors around, always happy to answer your questions and inform you about patient history notes or provide reasons for their diagnoses.

You’ll spend the duration of your placement in this hospital in Palumpur as it offers students a unique experience in different departments. As soon as you’ve had your hospital tour and met the hospital staff, you’ll feel right at home in no time. The hospital staff and patients are used to seeing students in and around the wards as it’s also a teaching hospital for the local medical school so all the doctors are also very used to talking to students and always show a real interest in you and your motivations for wanting to study medicine.

You’ll see a range of different symptoms, infections, diseases and treatments during your project. Some of these will be tropical diseases such as malaria and some very familiar like the growing problem of diabetes in India.  

Choosing to undertake hospital work experience abroad enables you to see many things that you wouldn't have the opportunity to see in your home country. It also broadens your horizons and allows an insight into global healthcare. When it comes to deciding in medicine is the right career for you or looking to demonstrate to med school interviewers how serious you are about the profession, choosing to go overseas ticks all the boxes. Make no mistake, medical work experience abroad isn't a holiday with us, yes there will be time to relax and enjoy the country but you'll be working in the hospitals here for 40 hours per week, giving you more work experience hours than almost all of the other applicants to your chosen course.


Volunteer for med school

Medical work experience in Thailand takes place in several different hospitals, meaning you get a huge insight into life as a doctor and a chance to see many different medical techniques and differing standards of healthcare in the country.

We’ll take you first to shadow doctors in a government hospital based in Chiang Mai. A large 520 bed hospital, you’ll see how doctors juggle the large number of patients arriving through their doors. With a large accident and emergency department too this is fast paced medicine at it’s best. Towards the end of your first week we’ll also show you the largest private hospital in northern Thailand, brimming with the very latest in diagnostic equipment and treatments and where resources are plentiful. Thailand is a huge destination for medical tourism with many westerners arriving for cosmetic surgery, weight loss surgery or simply to benefit from cutting edge medical techniques at prices much cheaper than their own countries.

In your second week we’ll take you toThailand capital city, Bangkok. Ayurvedic medicine is popular here as are holistic approaches to medicine too. How does a doctor treat a patient who rejects western medicine and instead firmly believes in natural remedies for their ailment? You’ll see all the skills needed to be a doctor on show here, empathy, patience, determination, hard work and an ability to handle pressure situations.

Seeing these different hospitals couldn’t be more of a contrast, reflecting well a country full of contrasts and disparity. An important part of your project is seeing both sides of the coin and see how medicine works in this part of the world, which will ultimately help you understand healthcare better. 


GP Work Experience

A huge part of being a doctor is complying to medical ethics and as all Premed Projects students are untrained in medicine we offer shadowing, observational experiences for students. The doctors responsible for the clinical care of each patient determine the extent of each students' participation each day, taking into account the relevant clinical protocols. In our Thailand and India destinations, you will be allowed to perform non-obtrusive medical procedures under the watchful eye of doctors such as simple bandage dressing, completion of fluid charts, assisting with patients movement, blood pressure monitoring, helping to interpret X-rays & many more simple clinical procedures. As well as being involved in these procedures, you should watch, learn and ask questions of your appointed doctors to make the most of your opportunity of medicine work experience with us.