If you're aged 16 years or older and interested in medicine, we've got the perfect course for you!

Who are Premed Projects?

Premed Projects exists solely to provide students interested in healthcare careers with some amazing work experience to help them secure a place in university, decide if a career in healthcare is for them and to decide which speciality they want to study. We do this by running a series of projects aimed at teaching students all about careers in healthcare. Premed Projects staff and students live in our exclusive accommodation with other students aged 16-18 from all over the world. 

Hospital Work experience, medical camps

Where Can I go?

We run 3 courses aimed at students aged 16-18. These take place in the United Kingdom in London, in Thailand and in India.

In each country we have extensive staff teams who are there to ensure students have a safe, fun and valuable learning experience at all times.

Half Term hospital work experience

When Can I go?

You can choose to go on our projects during your summer holidays 2019 so it won't impact on your studies at school. 

All of our projects are either 1-week or 2-week experiences during your summer holidays or half term holidays, so you simply choose the project start date that suits you best:

1-week projects 2019

August 18th - August 24th 2019

August 25th - August 31st 2019

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2-week projects during 2019

June 23rd - July 6th 2019

July 7th - July 20th 2019

July 21st - August 3rd 2019

August 4th - August 17th 2019

What's the cost?

Each course is £290 to book, with a balance of between £1350 - £2700 being due before the course starts depending on where you want to join us and for how long.

Premed projects medical work experience

What will I learn?

If you have an interest in healthcare then the experience you will get with Premed Projects will be invaluable. From shadowing world class doctors in the UK, learning all about personal statements, interview preparation to volunteering in care settings in London - a Premed Projects placement is exactly the ticket you need for a career in healthcare, giving you everything you need to apply.


We'll keep you incredibly busy in the hospitals and during our workshops and lectures at medical schools but you'll also also get lots of time to socialise with your fellow students too through movie nights, sightseeing tours and games, all with the supervision of our friendly and knowledgeable staff teams.

How Can I book?

It's really easy to book by visiting www.premedprojects.co.uk/apply-hospital-work-experience

Here you can select your destination, your dates, pay the £290 to secure your space and then we'll be in touch within 48 hours to give you your link to your Premed Portal webpage where you can begin all the preparations for your trip.