Would you like your medical personal statement reviewed by an expert in medical school admissions? Ideal for students applying to UK med schools from the UK or abroad, we've got UK doctors and admissions experts standing by to offer advice.

Applying to study medicine in the UK can be a long process and there are many pitfalls and barriers to gaining a successful place in med school. The journey starts with the medicine personal statement and it can also be one of the hardest things to write.

With all applicants having similar grades and extra curricular interests, it's a battle to stand out and get noticed. How do you convince a med school admissions team that you should be offered an interview above your rivals when you've only got 47 lines and 4,000 characters to do it? To put that in perspective you've got only around double the amount of words written on this page to impress.

The aim is to demonstrate that you are going to be a credit to the university, have the determination to complete your degree and then ultimately become an excellent medical professional. 

Our UCAS personal statement review service is available so your personal statement can be individually reviewed by a doctor that sits on med school admissions panels. We wont be able to write anything for you obviously, but we will go over your personal statement and give you detailed feedback on it. We're so convinced you'll be happy with the service that we'll refund the fees back to you if you're not.

How it works

  • Purchase the service on our Apply Now page

  • Send your personal statement to us by email to info@premedprojects.co.uk

  • We will take a look over your personal statement and arrange a convenient time (within 10 working days) for a UK doctor & med school admissions expert to call you and give feedback and advice on your statement.

What's the Price?

£120 for a review and a personalised feedback phonecall from a UK doctor.

It's going to take you several drafts to come up with the perfect personal statement for medicine but we're here to give you all the help and advice you need to give yourself the very best chance. Be sure to also read our guide to applying to medical school including advice on writing the perfect personal statement.