2-Weeks Hospital Work Experience in London for all students aged 16+


One of the most iconic and most visited cities on earth, London doesn’t need any introduction but we’ll try anyway.

London has something for everyone, all tastes, budgets and interests. Blessed with modern buildings that sit seamlessly with truly historical ones it’s hard not to be impressed by London and the thriving city it has become. London is really a collection of neighbourhoods, all knitted together and packed full of culture, entertainment and fun with surprises at every junction. Home to over 40,000 shops it’s a shopping mecca whilst also being one of the greenest cities on earth with fabulous parks and gardens dotted all over the city .

As Samuel Johnson famously said: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.”

A 2-week medicine project with us in London is the most comprehensive experience we offer and by attending for 2-weeks you’ll get to experience many different world class hospitals and gain the most amount of experience possible for you medical school applications. On our 2-week projects we get many international students and many students that attend from within the UK & London too so it’s always a wonderful atmosphere on the project and the best preparation for your future medical career.

What you’ll do.

Every day is different with Premed Projects so you’ll never get bored or feel like your’e repeating the same activities. The 2 week project draws on all our links with medical schools and hospitals to put together a project full of varied medical activities.

Where we’ll meet you.

Our staff team can collect you from either London Heathrow Airport, Kings Cross Railway station or you can choose to arrive direct at the accommodation. After you have enrolled on a project you’ll gain access to your Premed Portal webpage where you can read more extensive project notes and also let us know how you would like to meet up with the team.

Where you’ll live.

We want your stay with Premed Projects to be as enjoyable as possible. A huge part of the experience is sharing it with like-minded students and after a long day in the hospital or med school we want you to feel relaxed and at home.

Your accommodation is situated in North London, just 50 metres from the tube station making it an ideal location for you to explore London with us and gain easy access to all of the hospitals we’ll visit. We have ran projects at our accommodation for several years now and we find it an ideal base for your work experience project.

All Premed Project accommodation is kitted out to ensure you have everything you need during your stay with us. On our London hospital shadowing programme we've simple but stylish accommodation awaiting you. You will share a single sex room with other students and there will be up to 32 students on the project with you too, making for a great atmosphere. All rooms are simply but comfortably furnished so you can be sure your free time outside your hospital placement is going to be every bit as enjoyable as your time spent within the hospitals. 

Upstairs you'll find a cafe and chill out areas too, perfect for that UKCAT cramming. We have our very own common room full of board games, a projector and a range of movies .The popcorn's on us.


Every morning we’ll provide a continental buffet breakfast for you with fresh fruit, pastries, fresh juices, cereals and everything in-between. This is available from 07.30am each morning.

Each evening we'll take you to a different restaurant that we love, with choices ranging from Katsu curries, superfood salads, duck spring rolls, ravioli and more pizza choice than you can shake a stick at. If you have any dietary requirements we're more than happy to cater to these. We're very used to having students requiring halal food, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free choices so you'll find a suitable choice at every mealtime. When you're working during the week, you'll either eat in the doctors canteen if in a hospital, the student union if we're at med school that day or we'll prepare you a buffet lunch fit for an aspiring medical student to eat!

There’s nothing worse than being away somewhere where the food isn’t up to scratch so we promise you’ll enjoy every mealtime with us.

Your Free time.

If your’e attending a 2-week project you can really make the most of being in London and will get the chance to also have lots of freetime too. Your middle weekend is free time so why not explore with your fellow students and go and see London.

Your staff team.

The UK team is headed up by the lovely Annie. There will be several project leaders taking care of you throughout the project as well as a dedicated night manager who is on site all evening. Additionally, there is 24-hour security and CCTV at the accommodation, so you really are well looked after. Don’t worry though, we won’t cramp your style too much and you will have lots of time to socialise with your fellow students, but it’;s good to know wherever you turn there’s sure to be someone on hand to make sure you have a safe, stress free experience. It’s our aim to allow you to concentrate on your hospital work experience while we take care of the rest. Anyway, we like to think we’re a pretty cool bunch!

Your timetable.

Your exact timetable will be sent out to you around 2-weeks before your project begins. Here’s a sample below to give you an idea of how your week with us will look.

Sunday – You will be collected at either Kings Cross railway station or Heathrow airport ( your choice ) by our friendly Project Leaders and transferred to the accommodation with all of the other arrivals. You will then have a couple of hours to unpack, freshen up and get to know your roommates before everyone gets together for Project briefing. During the briefing we will talk you through everything you need to know from meal times to curfews and the all-important Wi-Fi password. Then it’s time for our first family feast!

Monday - The aim of the day is for the whole group to spend time together, get to know each other, see some of the best sights London has to offer and have lots of fun! In the morning we will have a guided tour from one of London’s best accredited tour guides seeing everything from Downing Street to Buckingham Palace. In the afternoon we will become part of London's gruesome history and travel back in time to an age of adventure, uncovering the dark secrets that lie beneath the worlds most famous and haunted bridge on the London bridge and tombs experience before visiting London's premier medical museum where you will get an insight into London's fascinating medical history.

Work Experience medicine.jpg

Tuesday -  After a hearty breakfast we will travel to an NHS University Hospital in Central London. You will learn everything from hospital safety to dealing with agitated patients. You will also be introduced to clinical skills such as cannulation, blood glucose monitoring and subcutaneous injection to name just a few! Don’t forget to take your notebook!

Wednesday – You will spend the day with a head researcher for one of the country’s largest medical research teams, learning about their impressive work and running your own laboratory tests. Then it’s back to the accommodation for a delicious dinner followed by a movie night in the cinema room… sweet or salty?

Thursday – The first step to saving lives is to become a qualified first aider! At the end of today you will be certified for three years through training at a university in central London (that looks pretty good on your personal statement!).

Hospital Work Experience.png

Friday – It’s time to learn all about palliative care with some hands-on work experience spending the day with nurses and GP’s in a private nursing home & hospice situated in East London.

Saturday & Sunday – Yay for the weekend! Have a lie-in, you’ve earned it, but don’t waste too much time as there is so much to do in London. Shopping in Covent Garden, a musical in the west end… speak to your Project Leaders and they will make sure you make the most of your free time!

Monday – Back to work! Today, you are a doctor. Being led by junior doctors and current medical school students you will spend the day rotating around stations such as taking a patient history, X-ray interpretation, venipuncture and suturing.

Tuesday - Today is spent at an NHS hospital in North London. You will be scrubbed up dissecting once living organisms and learning everything you need to know about anatomy in the setting of the operating theatre.

Wednesday – In the morning you will get a tour of a top medical school. Learn all about their entry requirements and life as a medical student in London. In the afternoon you will return to the North London hospital to have a session on high risk diseases and how they are controlled in hospitals.

Thursday - Today we will visit one of London’s largest University Hospitals. The morning will be spent in a lecture from the Universities lead Neurologist. In the afternoon you will be able to participate in a super exciting practical session which is otherwise reserved for a very small amount of the university’s current medical students. Today will be an experience you’ll never forget!

Friday – It’s your last day on the project and time to make sure you have all the necessary skills to make a successful application to medical school. You will spend the day at one of London’s best medical schools learning how to write the perfect personal statement to ensure you get an interview and how impress the panel to secure your space in medical school. The day will be led by Junior doctors and third year medical students who have all sat on medical school interview panels, so they really know what they’re talking about. After a final dinner, it’s back to the accommodation for a farewell party.

Saturday – It’s time to say goodbye. We’ll arrange your transfers to Heathrow, or escort you to Kings Cross station to make sure you get home safely, ready to tell everyone about your awesome summer! (I feel emotional already).

When you can go. What’s Included.

Our London 2-week Hospital work experience takes place during during the summer holidays from June-September each year & as the 2-week UK project is our most popular placement, spaces generally fill up pretty quickly. You can see all the specific dates by visiting this page of the website.

Your breakfast everyday is included, as are meals in different restaurants each evening ( aside from the weekend ) all daily project transport costs are included as are your pickup and departure, 24/7 supervision, accommodation and of course, the tuition within the hospitals.

You’ll only need extra for snacks, lunches and souvenirs.

How to enrol.

Simply visit Apply Now and you can enrol for your chosen dates. All of our projects are on a first come first served basis, we have 32 spaces per project.

The project fee for the 2-weeks is £2990 in total, it’s £290 to book your place and then remaining balance can be spread over 3 or 6 monthly payments. Once you have enroled we’ll just check a few details then we’ll email you with your Premed Portal webpage details where you log in and start to plan your placement with us.