We want you to feel completely comfortable on your Premed Project and ensure your parents are confident you are in very safe hands. Safety and support is a very important part of any experience with Premed Projects. We'll make sure we take every precaution to make your stay a safe one! We promise you an experience to remember, for all the right reasons.

Medicine Work Experience Abroad. safety and travel advice from the British foreign office.&nbsp;

Medicine Work Experience Abroad. safety and travel advice from the British foreign office. 


We follow the British governments "Know before you go" campaign, designed to keep students safe and healthy when travelling abroad. All our overseas destinations are selected and vetted for their safety. We follow the British and Commonwealth office travel alerts, US Department of State travel advice and our own head office project team visit our project destinations several times each year to assess them for safety and suitability. This means you can concentrate on your work experience and let us take care of the details. 

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After you confirm your place with the £290 Registration fee, we start the process of getting you fully prepared for your trip. This starts immediately with access your Premed Portal and picks up the pace closer to your departure date. We'll send you trip notes, hospital experience guidelines, run through checklists with you and be there for you whenever you or your parents have any questions. Before you leave you'll be an expert on the country you choose to do your experience in and will be fully briefed and looking forward to you project.


Whilst on your project our UK head office team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If your parents have a pressing question we'll be there to answer it. There will be regular opportunities to keep in touch with your family, but just incase you forget to do so (it happens) we provide parents with a dedicated number they can contact us on directly. Head office receives twice daily updates from our overseas ground staff so they can answer parents questions and put their mind at ease any time, day or night. 

Whilst on your project, our staff team will be available around the clock. Our staff are there to ensure you have an educational placement, an enjoyable, life defining travel experience and to keep you safe at all times. Our projects could not work without the tireless work of our project teams who are fully-trained, dedicated and 100% committed to your well-being at all times. They're also really, really nice!

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Almost all of our students are 16, 17 or 18 when they join us for their project. This means we have an obligation to your safety when you are with us. There's no compromises when it comes to this, from the moment you meet our staff teams to the moment you are safely back on that plane or train home we are there for you 24/7. And that's a promise.


Every single Premed Projects student must agree to follow the project rules. They aren't written in an extensive manual and you won't feel like we're stopping your enjoyment, but they are a series of simple, common sense rules that we have in place to protect our partner hospitals, your fellow students and of course, yourself. We'll send you a copy of these before you go and you must agree to them before you travel. 

Premed Projects are a member of the Association of Healthcare Trainers, meaning we follow a strict code of ethics when it comes to all of the healthcare learning we practice.