Are you a student interested in a career in healthcare? Premed Projects arranges medical work experience in UK hospitals. Students join us for a 1-week hospital placement, shadowing doctors in a variety of hospital departments. During the week students stay in the Premed Projects house, fully supported by our comprehensive staff teams during your stay. Students are welcome to join us from all over the world from the ages of 16 and older for an amazing week of hospital work experience and the perfect start to your future healthcare career.

Premed Projects was established to give students like you the experience that you need to be successful and secure a place in medical school. We partner with select private hospitals across the UK to offer you the chance to shadow doctors in multiple hospital departments.

Medicine work experience is a vital ingredient to success in your Medical school applications. Many students think they would like a career in healthcare without ever experiencing life in a clinical environment. Medical school applications and interviews can all hinge on the amount of work experience a student has and it’s a great way to find out which areas of medicine appeal to you. Obtaining this experience in UK hospitals is the most sought after part of any medical school application. At any one time there are thousands of students looking to do the same and the competition is fierce. Through our unique partnerships you can get this vital experience you need for your healthcare degree applications as well as an unforgettable experience living in the Premed projects house with our students aged 16+ from all over the world!

NHS Medical Work Experience