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Explore the world of medicine with The Weekly Surgery, a unique online course offering invaluable insights into studying medicine at university and pursuing a career as a doctor. Led by Dr OJ, a seasoned professional working in a bustling NHS hospital in England, this live and interactive experience occurs every Monday at 7.30 pm BST.

Discover the key to success in medical school applications through expert guidance on medical work experience and application assistance. Dr. OJ and special guests provide a firsthand look into the healthcare industry, offering valuable material to enhance your med school applications and ace your interviews. Gain verified work experience that will set you apart from the competition.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to participate in online medical courses and virtual work experiences in medicine. 

Elevate your understanding of the medical field and improve your application with The Weekly Surgery.

The Weekly Surgery: Virtual Medical Course

The Weekly Surgery

  • Gain valuable medical work experience
  • Learn how to get into med school
  • Live session each Monday at 7.30 PM
  • Recordings of every session, available for 30 days

Join The Weekly Surgery, a virtual medical course designed to enhance the acceptance prospects of students aged 14-18 into medical school. Tune in every Monday at 7.30 pm BST for live sessions crafted to improve your medical school applications.

Each session offers the following:


As a bonus, for every full month completed, students receive a signed certificate to strengthen their applications. The Weekly Surgery is not just a course; it’s your weekly ticket to medical school success.

Course Schedule

Every Monday, our online medical course consists of either a medicine work experience case study or a medical school application session.


Medical Work Experience Series

Step into the medicine work experience series where a patient shares symptoms with the doctors. Join a 2-hour interactive session where doctors guide you through discussing, diagnosing, and treating the patient, with your active participation.


Med School Application Series

Get ready for med school with our application series, designed to help you prepare. Each session focuses on a different aspect of applying to med school, providing expert support to enhance your readiness for this important journey.

Course Schedule

  • Downloadable resources: yours to keep
  • Chat online with other students applying to medicine
  • Certificate of work experience for every month completed



  • Monthly subscription £39 per month
  • Cancel easily, online, at any time

Monday evenings are about to get a lot more interesting. The weekly surgery is your weekly ticket to medical school.


What are the timings of the course?

Our weekly virtual medical course takes place every Monday at 7.30 pm BST.


Who can attend the work experience?

Students of any age interested in a medical career can join our Weekly Surgery virtual medicine course.


How much does the Weekly Surgery course cost?

Access to all our virtual sessions is by subscription at £39 a month. You can cancel easily at any time.


Will I get a work experience certificate for this course?

Yes, for every full month you complete, you will receive a signed certificate for your med school applications. This is a great way to showcase your passion and dedication to a medical career. Having this certificate can massively set you apart from other applicants.


How will The Weekly Surgery impact my med school applications?

The Weekly Surgery, led by Dr. OJ, provides invaluable insights into studying medicine and offers a unique opportunity to gain verified work experience. With live and interactive sessions, expert guidance on applications, and special guest appearances, you’ll enhance your understanding of the medical field, setting yourself apart in the competitive med school application process.

Join the Weekly Surgery

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