Sunday 26th November 2023

There are only 7,500 places for over 20,000 university applications each year, meaning competition for a medical career is fierce. 

Deciding that you want to study medicine at university requires lots of planning. From the finances, medical work experience, grades and extra examinations to consider, students should be 100% decided that it is the career for them. 

Our 1-day online Medicine Careers Day will help students determine if applying to medical school is what they want to do. We’ll also give them a helping hand with their med school applications. The course counts as verified & recognised work experience, too! Giving students a head start in their med school applications.

Med School Applications

The Morning

  • Subject Choices
  • Personal Statement
  • Med School Interviews
  • UCAT & BMAT Exams
  • Work Experience Requirements

Our Medical Careers Day is run by current doctors and medical students. Being a doctor isn’t all Grey’s Anatomy and House. It’s worlds apart from what students may envisage the career to be. We’ll present a warts and all insight into life as a doctor, from the hours you’ll work as a junior doctor, to pay and career prospects.

Here’s what takes place on the morning of our online Medical Careers Day:


Subject Choices and Entry Requirements

We’ll discuss all the various areas of medicine you may choose to pursue. You may be thinking of medicine as a career, but we bet you’ll be amazed at all the different branches of medicine you could specialise in.

In the first part of the day, we’ll go through exactly what you must do to apply to med school. Beginning with what subjects you should take at GCSE/A-level and the grades required, we’ll map out your route to medical school.


Personal Statements

Next up is writing the perfect personal statement for medicine, what to include and what to omit, so you’ll know how to use your 47 lines wisely. The medicine personal statement is your first major test when it comes to applying, so our team will show you have to secure that invitation to a med school interview.


Med School Interviews

We will then cover the medical school interview, your last barrier to getting that place in medical school. We’ll go through the set-up of the interviews, how to prepare for them and exactly what to expect from each one. 



Doctors and Medical students will then explain how to approach the UCAT and BMAT examinations by breaking them down and teaching you exactly what you need to know for the best chance of success.


Work Experience Requirements

Finally, we’ll cover medical work experience, an essential must-have for applying to medical school, and how to go about securing some experience that will impress.

Our current medical students will answer all your questions and tell you about their experiences in med school. We don’t want to put you off, but we do want you to make the decision to study medicine with all the facts so you can decide if you will be up for the challenge.

After a break for lunch, we’ll go into the second part of the Medical Careers Day, medicine work experience.

Medicine Work Experience

The second part of the day is practical, here’s what you can expect from the rest of our Medicine Careers Day:


Medicine Work Experience 

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a doctor? Now’s your chance to find out! Our friendly doctors will show you the ropes of their day-to-day work. It’s not just watching – you’ll actually get a taste of what it’s like to be in the medical field. Ask questions, dive in, and discover the practical side of being a doctor.


Case Studies

Ready to put your brain to work? Our case studies are like real-life puzzles that challenge you to think like a medical pro. Dive into scenarios that doctors face every day. It’s a chance to sharpen your thinking skills and see if solving medical mysteries is your kind of thing.


Treat and Diagnose Patients

Get ready to play doctor in our interactive sessions! Join in diagnosing and treating patients, all guided by our super knowledgeable instructors. It’s not just theory – you’ll be right in the action, practising your skills in a make-believe medical world. See if being a doctor feels like the right fit for you.


Be a Step Ahead When Applying for Medical School

Here’s the inside scoop: medical schools love students who know their way around medicine. It’s a big deal when they’re picking who to invite for an interview. Having hands-on experience sets you apart, especially if your grades are similar to other candidates. By the end of the day, you’ll not only know the ropes but also be one step ahead in the race to get into medical school.

Our whole day is set up for awesome students aged 14-18 who are thinking about being doctors. We’re here to ensure you leave with a game plan for success and a clear idea of how to snag that spot in medical school.


Showcase Your Passion with Your Work Experience Certificate

And here’s the bonus: you’ll walk away with a Work Experience Certificate to show off your day’s achievements. It’s not just a piece of paper – it’s proof that you’re passionate about medicine and ready to dive into the world of medical careers.

Jump in now for a day that goes beyond boring classrooms. Whether you’re just starting to think about medicine or you’re all in, our Medicine Careers Day is here to inspire, teach, and get you ready for the exciting road ahead. Let’s make your future in medicine amazing!

The Afternoon

  • Medicine Work Experience
  • Case Studies
  • Treat and Diagnose Patients

Medicine Careers Day FAQs

Essential Info

  • Sunday 26th November 2023
  • 09.30 am – 3.30 pm GMT
  • Joining info sent 1 week before
  • Any age student can attend
  • Certificate upon completion
  • £69 full day

What are the Timings of the careers day?

Our careers day begins at 09.30 am and finishes at 3.30 pm. The content is also available to watch for 60 days afterwards if you can’t make it on the day.


Who can attend the Medicine Careers Day?

Students of any age from all countries interested in medicine can attend.


How much does the Medicine Careers Day cost?

Our Medical Careers Day costs £69 for the full day.


Will I get a work experience certificate for this course?

Yes, a personalised certificate will be sent to you from our NHS doctors confirming your attendance within 2 weeks of completing this course.


How will the Medicine Careers Day help with my med school application?

Our Medicine Careers Day provides hands-on work experience, letting you dive into the practical side of medicine – a major boost for your med school application. 

Engaging in case studies and interactive patient sessions showcases your ability to apply medical knowledge, giving you a competitive edge. Plus, you’ll walk away with a Work Experience Certificate, demonstrating your passion for medicine to impress med school admissions.

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