Students gaining hospital work experience in London during their school holidays

London Hospital Work Experience – 2 Weeks

World Famous for Healthcare and Medical Schools, London Is the Perfect City to Gain Work Experience A 2-week medical work experience course with us in London is the most comprehensive experience we offer. By attending for 2-weeks, you’ll get to experien...

London Hospital Work Experience – 1 Week

Gain Medical Work Experience in the UK’s Capital City - World Famous for Healthcare and Medical Schools. During your stay with us, you will take part in work experience at several different hospitals and universities across London. Receive lectures from...

London Hospital Work Experience – 1 Day & Weekend Courses

1 Day & Weekend Medical Work Experience in London. If you can’t join us for our 1-week or 2-week work experience course, then our weekend and 1-day work experience courses are perfect for you.  Our work experience courses in London are desig...
work experience abroad can help students stand out on med school applications

Thailand Hospital Work Experience – 2 Weeks

Medical Work Experience Abroad in Thailand. The country it’s impossible not to fall in love with. From the mountainous north to the famous beaches of the south, Thailand has it all. Our Thailand project takes place in our twin bases of Bangkok and Chian...

Medicine Careers Day Live

Sunday 26th November 2023 There are only 7,500 places for over 20,000 university applications each year, meaning competition for a medical career is fierce.  Deciding that you want to study medicine at university requires lots of planning. From ...
Surgery work experience for medical school

Surgeon Work Experience Course

Surgery Work Experience Day Live Saturday 9th December 2023 10 am - 3 pm GMT - Live & Online This exclusive course is designed to give you some stand-out medical work experience which can be used in your applications and interviews to med sch...
Virtual online work experience for medicine

Virtual Medicine Work Experience Week

Monday 18th December - Friday 22nd December 2023 Join us at 2.30 pm GMT each day Monday – Friday from the 18th – 22nd December 2023 for a virtual work experience week for medicine. The course is all delivered online, meaning you can gain some medical wo...

Emergency Medical Work Experience Course

Emergency Medicine Live Sunday 24th March 2024 We have an exciting online work experience day for all students aged 14-18 focused on emergency medicine. You can expect to learn about the treatment and management of major trauma and medical emergen...

Midwifery Work Experience Course

Midwifery Careers Day Live SATURDAY 6th April 2024 Deciding to embark upon a career in midwifery is a lot more complicated than it used to be, even only a few years ago. Our 1-day midwifery career and work experience day aims to give you all of the i...

Dental Work Experience Course

Dentistry Careers Day Live Saturday 13th April 2024 Dentistry is a ferociously competitive degree course. Students need to be ahead of the game and plan well in advance for a successful application to study dentistry at university. Our dentistry work...