Human Brain Anatomy Course – Start Anytime



This exclusive course can be started at any time  and is designed to give you some stand out medical work experience which can be used in your applications and interviews to med school.

We’re excited to offer our brain anatomy course to all students aged 14+ considering careers in healthcare. The course is designed by an internationally known neuroanatomist who is a leading authority in his field & it’s specifically designed to provide some outstanding work experience for all applicants.

Students will be taken through a video dissection workshop of real human brains and students will have to complete modules and quiz reviews to complete the course and obtain their certificate.

You can start this course at anytime and work through it at your own pace with 90 days to complete it.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to human anatomy

  • Anatomical terminology

  • Overview and development of the human brain

  • Motor and sensory areas of the cerebral cortex

  • Anatomy of memory and emotion

  • Clinical imaging – MRI of the human brain

  • Brain blood supply and stroke

  • Brain pathology picture quiz

What will I learn?

  • Clinically-relevant anatomy of the human brain

  • Integrates structural, functional and radiological (MRI) anatomy

  • Illustrated by discussion of common neurological and psychiatric disorders.

  • Learn to recognise the main parts of the brain, their functions and the clinical relevance

  • Use your knowledge of neuroanatomy to understand neurological symptoms and signs

  • Work through neurological case histories and learn how to think like a doctor

  • Certificate of completion