Dentistry Careers Day Live – April 13th 2024


The course is suitable for any student aged 14+ that is considering a career in dentistry and includes a certificate for the practical side of the day which can be used in your applications.


The first step of your careers day with us will be to learn all about applications to dentistry. Our team of dentists and dental students will tell you exactly what you need to do to apply, which subjects to take and the grades you should be aiming for to ensure a successful application.

We’ll begin the day by looking at the dental schools across the UK and the entry requirements for each one. This will give you a good idea of what you will need to achieve to be considered by a dental school and we’ll explore some of the subjects you should look to be taking at GCSE/A-Level.

We’ll go into detail explaining exactly what a dentist does, you may think you know this already but you may be surprised with the diverse nature of the career. We’ll explain the different routes into dentistry, pay scales and what you can expect from university, training and when you’re a practicing dentist.

It’s now time to hear from some experts in admissions to dental school. We’ll start by running through the personal statement, 47 lines which is your gateway into getting into medical school. We’ll run down some sample personal statements and tell you what works and things you should avoid. This one page of writing determines if you will be offered an interview or not so it’s absolutely vital that it’s done in the correct way.

The UCAT comes next where we’ll explain all about this admissions test and it’s importance for those students applying to any of the 13 dental schools that require it.

We’ll touch on dentistry work experience, although we’ll cover that more this afternoon, you’ll still need to learn how important it is and our dentistry students and admissions tutors can point you in the right direction of how you can gain enough to meet the criteria that dental schools set out.

Finally this morning we’ll talk about dentistry school interviews. Your interview for dental school can be a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be so long as you’re fully prepared and know exactly what it involves. We’ll provide you with the most commonly asked questions in an interview and explore responses to these as a group. We’ll also cover some of the more tricky questions and scenarios that you’re likely to encounter during an interview.


The afternoon session is spent gaining some dentistry work experience. It’s so important as dental schools wish to see that you have thoroughly looked into the career and have made the decision to apply fully aware of what the career entails.

Throughout this afternoon you will be led by dentists & dental students and we’ll touch on several procedures such as extractions, dental cavities and restorations and how to perform an oral examination. Students are able to get hands on and really see what life as a dentist entails.

Not only will this enable you to get a feel for the job and to see whether or not you enjoy the work but it is invaluable for your applications to dental school.

The course is suitable for any student aged 14+ that is considering a career in dentistry and includes a certificate for the practical side of the day which can be used in your applications.

Upcoming Dentistry Work Experience and Careers Days

Saturday April 13th 2024 – Online

What are the Timings?

The course begins at 10am and finishes at 4pm BST & is available to watch for 60 days afterwards if you can’t make it on the day.

Who can attend?

Students of any age from all countries with an interest in dentistry can attend.

What are the costs?

£69 for the full day.

Will I get a certificate for this course?

Yes, a personalised certificate will be sent to you within 2 weeks of completing this course certified from our NHS dentists.