2-Weeks Hospital Work Experience in Thailand for all students aged 16+


The country it's impossible not to fall in love with. I mean it's just jaw droppingly beautiful. From the mountainous north to the famous beaches of the south, Thailand has it all and there's a reason 35 million people will visit the country in 2020 alone.

Set amongst the lush hills of northern Thailand, bustling Chiang Mai is the destination for our programme here in Asia. Temples and markets are to be found around every corner making it the perfect balance of hospital work experience and cultural immersion.

Hospital experience wise we'll also show you several different hospitals during your stay with us in Chiang Mai from larger private hospitals to smaller more rural hospitals in the countryside too.

What you’ll do.

Every day is different with Premed Projects so you’ll never get bored or feel like your’e repeating the same activities. The 2 week project draws on all our links with medical schools and hospitals to put together a project full of varied medical activities. Each day of the project you will visit a hospital in Chiang Mai and have an introduction to the hospital by the hospital director. He or she will then explain what departments are available for that day and you can choose which one you would like to spend the day in. These departments are typically, paediatrics, surgery, anaesthesiology, general medicine, maternity, dentistry, ENT, neurology and many more. During the course of your 2-weeks you will be able to see may different procedures and assist where deemed appropriate by the doctors and patients. All with the aim of providing you with some first class work experience to help you decide if a career in healthcare is for you and to really give your applications to university a stand out quality.

Where we’ll meet you.

Our staff team will collect you at Chiang Mai international airport (CNX) anytime at all on the Sunday you start. Or you can choose to arrive directly at the accommodation if you like. After you have enrolled on a project you’ll gain access to your Premed Portal webpage where you can read more extensive project notes and also let us know details of your arrival such as flight numbers and timings etc.

Where you’ll live.

You'll be away from the hustle and bustle of the centre of town and instead be situated in a quiet suburb of the city, your sanctuary after a hard days work in the hospitals. You' be sharing your room with 2-3 other students in comfortable accommodation with 30 students in total on your chosen dates.

As with all our accommodation you'll find plenty of space to socialise, relax and feel at home in.  


One of the most famous countries in the world for food, Thailand has a rightly deserved reputation for culinary excellence.  We'll introduce you to Chiang Mai with a bowl of Khao Soi, noodles bathed in a curry broth and topped with satisfying crunchy noodles. Slurping definitely allowed.

We also know that sometimes you just want your own home comforts so you will have a choice of some more familiar meals too should you wish. You'll of course get a full breakfast each morning and a selection of pastries and fresh fruits to get you all set up for a long day in the hospitals. Your staff can cater to a range of dietary requirement and will rustle up thick luxurious green chicken curries, still sizzling satay sticks, fresh and zesty bowls of Pad Thai and the most colourful salads you've ever seen. 

Thailand's also a great place to be a vegetarian with beautifully prepared vegetable curries and tangy bbq tofu all there to tempt you. We’ll even get you involved at a Thai cookery school too, so sharpen up those cookery skills and hopefully when you return home you’ll have learnt more than just healthcare.

It wouldn't be a trip to Thailand without getting involved in some of the amazing street food too. There's some weird and wonderful food to be had in markets and lining the streets of Chiang Mai and our staff team know the very best places to try.

Your staff team.

Premed Projects Chiang Mai staff team

Your Project manager is called Carrie ( far left ) and she grew up in Austin, Texas, USA. Carrie is used to working with students interning in hospitals and is very enthusiastic about working with students abroad and encouraging them to get outside of their comfort zone and experience life abroad and other cultures. Ably assisted by (from left to right) May, Rose, Jao and Bent and a comprehensive team of hospital co-ordinators, transport co-ordinators, security and catering teams, they will ensure you have a safe trip and get more hospital work experience than you ever thought possible. Our staff team will make sure you'll never be far away from any support you may need. This is your Premed Projects family during your project, and you couldn't wish for a friendlier more competent group to make your Thailand work experience any better.

Your timetable.

We are very proud that we have partnerships with 4 first class Hospitals in Thailand and strong relationships with Hospital directors in the country. Your exact project itinerary will be sent to you a few weeks before departure. Below is a sample itinerary of a 2-week project with us so you know exactly what to expect.

Sunday - Arrival into Chiang Mai airport (CNX) anytime and our friendly Project manager Carrie and her team will be awaiting your flight arrival and will be wearing a Premed Projects T-shirt (as will you!) and holding a sign.  They will collect you and all 30 students in the project group & we'll go to our accommodation, situated around a 20 minute journey from the airport. Tonight we all get to know each-other and we’ll let you unpack before having our project briefing so you know exactly what to expect from your trip and our first group meal.

Monday - We'll have a full day to explore and see the sights, sounds and smells of Chiang Mai. We'll give you an orientation until noon, explaining the history of Chiang Mai and getting you comfortable in your new surroundings.

After a delicious lunch break in the blissful shade of the famous walled city we'll take an expert city tour of all the famous landmarks and then we'll all head out and sample Chiang Mai's famous markets for some street food as a light snack, taking in a temple or two on the way and then back to the house for the evening welcome banquet then it's an early night in preparation for your first day in the hospital in the morning.

Tuesday- Today you’ll begin your hospital shadowing so after a hearty breakfast we’ll all take our private minibus to the hospital. You will be taken to Mai On Hospital where you'll be given an orientation and introduction to the week from the director of Chiang Mai's 2 largest hospitals. Mai On Hospital is a small provincial hospital which serves the outlying population of Chiang Mai and you'll spend the day seeing all departments shadowing doctors here. After a break for lunch at 12pm you'll continue your hospital rounds until approximately 4pm. Arriving back at the Premed Projects house, we'll have dinner all together at 7pm and tonight you can relax in the house after a long hospital day reflecting on your first of many memorable hospital experiences.

Wednesday - After breakfast, your hospital shadowing starts today at 8.30am where you will spend the day in Maharaj hospital ( this is the training hospital for Chiang Mai university and the largest hospital complex in northern Thailand.) You will meet with the doctors and be split into smaller groups, rotating around the hospital seeing everything it has to offer. We take lunch all together at the hospital and then visit Chiang Mai university medical school. From there you and the rest of the group will visit the famous Doi Suthep temple and visit a local hilltribe village before a relaxing Thai meal near our accommodation.

Thursday - Delicious breakfast, then more hospital shadowing, this time at McCormick hospital which is a medium sized private hospital which offers an excellent standard of healthcare. Tonight we visit the night bazaar in Chiang Mai for some of the tastiest food your'e ever likely to have & a chance to stock up on some bargain souvenirs for you ( and your parents... ) 

Friday - After breakfast today you'll be in Rajavej hospital, a private hospital where you'll once again gain an incredible insight into healthcare. From shadowing healthcare professionals in every department from paediatrics to surgery and everything in-between, you'll have a great day here rounded off by a talk from the medical director on Thai healthcare. Tonight you'll have a traditional Thai massage to unwind after a hard working week and a group banquet feast!

Saturday - Today you have a choice of activities, you can either spend the day around our accommodation with members of the Premed Projects team or you can join our Elephant Sanctuary experience as an optional extra. If you choose the Elephant experience you’ll spend the day at an elephant rescue centre, feeding and exercising them in the jungle under the watchful eye of their carers before bathing them in a mountain stream. After you have said your goodbyes to these incredible gentle giants, we'll have dinner together before heading back to the accommodation.

Sunday - If you have selected the optional extra weekend activity, we’ll spend the day jungle trekking to a local hill tribe before spending the afternoon lazily bamboo rafting down the river before stopping off on the riverbank for some of the freshest seafood you are likely to ever come across. If you elect not to take up the weekend activities, we’ll let you have a lie in today and then we go temple hopping in old Chiang Mai city finishing up at the simply stunning Wat Phra Singh before enjoying dinner and getting ready for our next day back in the hospitals.

Monday - We’ll return today to Rajavej private hospital and again you'll rotate around various different hospital departments including Paediatrics, Obstetrics and gynecology, A&E, Radiology and Cardiology in small groups. After a long day, it's back to the accommodation for a rest then out to one of our favourite Thai restaurants for dinner.

Tuesday - We return to McCormick hospital which is a medium sized private hospital for another full day of shadowing before having dinner in the walled city.

Wednesday - The state of the art Maharaj hospital facility is your workplace for the day and promotes medical research in Thailand and beyond. Shadowing here will make you understand why Thailand is at the forefront of global medical research. Tonight you'll get the chance to visit one Thailand's biggest markets and we'll all have dinner back at our house.

Thursday - After breakfast we have an early start at Mai On hospital which is a smaller hospital and it’s fascinating to see the contrasting departments compared to yesterday. Before dinner we’ll make the trip to a traditional clay pot making village where you’ll get to try your hand at making some yourself. We doubt you’ll be as skilled as the locals but hey, it’s a great souvenir to have nonetheless! Dinner tonight is a traditional Thai banquet on the outskirts of the city.

Friday - Today being your last full day, you'll have one more morning at Rajavej Hospital before we have our farewell dinner and then it's time to head back for some rest before your departure the next day. No need to worry about being on time to catch your flight home, our staff team will ensure you're at the airport with plenty of time to spare.

Saturday - There's just time for a breakfast brimming with fresh fruit, yogurts, pastries and pancakes before we have to say our goodbyes. We'll of course escort you and your fellow students back to Chiang Mai airport where you'll fly home. And just like that you've spent 2-weeks in 4 different hospitals, had over 50 hours of medical work experience, met lifelong friends from all over the world and had insight into your future career that few others than boast.

When you can go. What’s Included.

Our Thailand 2-week Hospital work experience takes place during during the summer holidays from June-September each year and spaces on the projects generally fill up pretty quickly. You can see all the specific dates by visiting this page of the website.

Your breakfast everyday is included, as are meals in different restaurants each evening and all the weekday activities. All daily project transport costs are included as are your pickup and departure from Chiang Mai international airport, 24/7 supervision, accommodation and of course, the tuition within the hospitals.

You’ll only need extra for snacks, lunches and souvenirs and if you want to join our Elephant sanctuary experience during your middle weekend.

How to enrol. What’s the cost?

Simply visit Apply Now and you can enrol for your chosen dates. All of our projects are on a first come first served basis, we have 32 spaces per project. The project fee for the 2-weeks is £1940 in total, it’s £290 to book your place and then remaining balance can be spread over 3 or 6 monthly payments. Once you have enroled we’ll just check a few details then we’ll email you with your Premed Portal webpage details where you log in and start to plan your placement with us.